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Secret Painting Parties


*Contact me if you would like to be notified about future upcoming painting parties :

Use "I like secrets" as the subject line.

You'll get an email when a new painting party date is released : ) 



  U p c o m i n g   P a i n t i n g

 P a r t ies  Spring/Summer 2 1 9 :


Soon I'll be posting dates for a few spring and summer painting parties : if you want to be notified so you can scoop up your spot get in touch as I mentioned above by emailing


Please write "I like secrets" as the subject line.

You'll get an email when a new painting party date is released : ) 



Cozy painting sessions in my studio listening to music and drinking tea - peaceful, fun and I provide the image and all of the supplies so you can relax and get creative. 


 You'll have the option of painting on a beautiful wooden panel so it will be ready to take home and hang up in your home


~ So make sure to purchase the option you want.


When the new dates drop you'll be able to link to shop in here and then you can toggle between purchasing either a wooden panel ($90) or paper ($65).



Be ready to call your friends, coordinate yourselves, synchronize your watches! *Space is extremely limited + no refunds so be sure of your date/time!



 What is a Secret Painting Party?


Instead of a workshop I host secret painting parties, you can paint at your level but with my tips and guidance and available help : ) I love being a painter and it's wonderful for me to be able to share a little taste of what it's like to paint in my studio. 


I provide a relaxed and fun experience and no painting skills are required.


     I'll teach all you need to know, no matter what your experience level, so you can relax in my studio, listen to some tunes and get right into painting.


     You'll be provided with all the materials + I'll have colour options. Usually you'll start with a basic template so no need for drawing skills - it's like colouring but with paint! 


     If you don't want to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) then sign up quickly when these dates are announced. 


* I am happy to book private painting parties if the stars align and I can squeeze it in to my schedule ~ minimum of 5 people (including yourself)


Secret Painting Party themes: 












Sneak peek at the funtimes :