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About Eccentric Gardens







The unusual landscapes painted in Rebecca Chaperon’s Eccentric Gardens are imagined physical spaces brimming with creative energy. They represent the inner “places” we access for creativity and imagination, places that exist within our larger internal/personal landscape. Chaperon uses a garden motif inspired by her childhood garden in England - a place of her creative origin, where she learned to create, imagine, and play.



In the Eccentric Gardens exhibition at Initial Gallery we see new sculptures and paintings from Chaperon that reveal the artist’s nostalgia for place crystallized. These Eccentric Gardens are living symbols for this perpetual internal place that is the wellspring of creativity and imagination. Finding the “way in” to this often elusive space is sometimes difficult (ie. creative blocks) so these paintings contain ladders, hidden pathways and waterways with planks for crossing; a number of ways to enter this space.




Chaperon’s work often presents a surreal version of the world, places that waver just outside of our perception. This time Chaperon’s exploration of place has led to a gentle introversion - to depict a place that is her creative origin. This exhibition includes the artist's first sculptural works and a collaboration with poet Hannah Stephenson aka The Storialist.