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I'm super happy to announce that I am one of the artists in this year's "Facade Festival" ! This is Facade's 2nd year running, they select a few artists each year and then project their creations onto the front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. 


For this project we've animated some of the elements from my paintings which really brings them to life in an interesting and new way...taking the strange quality of my images to another level of surrealism!


My art will be projected very large on the Vancouver Art Gallery on the evening of September 1st from 8pm to midnight.

It takes less than 15 minutes to view the entire loop so it's a great idea to stop by before or after your night out. You know - a Thursday night date night! Platonic or non! Or come as a strong independent type person.  : )

Each artist has their own night and there are a couple of nights where all of the artists work will be shown.


More info here:


Other artists included in this 7 night festival are:
Barry Doupé
Eric Metcalf
Renee Van Halm
Chris Shier


This event is produced by Burrard Arts Foundation  with technical assistance from the lovely people at Go2Productions.