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"Initiation" by Rebecca Chaperon, 9"x12",  acrylic on paper 2016

Haircuts are a sort of highly symbolic moment in my mind. 
I always feel inexplicably badass when I cut my hair... Something from my childhood maybe, a miniature rebellion, a new identity.

I love in movies when the actress has to make a getaway and so she cuts her hair and dyes it another colour (usually in the bathroom of a shabby motel or gas station) before peeling out on the open road at sunset. 

In this painting the older girl solemnly cuts the girl's braid off in order to initiate her into a secret group of mysterious women who live in the woods.

Check to see if this piece is available in my shop:

This is a part of my Goth Fauve series. 9"x12" acrylic on paper $300.