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Here is a recent piece called Phantom which is part of a showing of my work called "Peripheral Visions" at Vancouver Art Rental & Sales. July 4 - Sept 23. Advanced catalogue is available by request - email me: 


   Phantom is a small-ish piece made with acrylic on paper. I like the softness and loose-ness of the paint application. 
   Recently I have been working on some monochromatic pieces where I use mostly one colour. This one is made with only one colour - ultramarine blue.



Acrylic on paper 2016


White Mat and Frame 

Framed size 15" x 12" (unframed size 8.5” x 11")


P u r c h a s e i n q u i r i e s : Art Rental & Sales 604 -662- 4746


L o c a t i o n : Vancouver Art Gallery Art Rental & Sales Showroom, Main floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery 750 Hornby Street


H o u r s : Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm Tuesday evenings by appointment