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   The auction for these two pieces completed January 31 2013. 


   They are unique pieces that I created while working with some ideas for my book (due later this year). I decided to pursue a different path with the project, and so these lovely paintings became available for auction.


  To me this particular piece (pictured above) is representative of a nautical S.O.S. which is
a very well known code used to request assistance by ships in distress. However, in this image the message is paired with an ominous eel, a non-bouyant life preserver framed in a tranquil underwater setting. It echoes a past tragedy, a tragedy of help arriving too late, which I think is a potent metaphor for today's society.


  The above piece, S.O.S., was collected by a very excited gentleman this weekend from my studio. I am always so happy to find owners and homes for my paintings.


  Some interesting facts about S.O.S. from Wikipedia: 'In popular usage, SOS became associated with such phrases as "save our ship", "save our souls" and "send out succour". These may be regarded as mnemonics, but SOS does not stand for anything and is not an abbreviation, acronym or initialism.' 



I named the piece below Flying Potion. An allusion to the disembodied experience of the altered state, with a psychedelic flavour. This piece has a euphoric, astral projection intent. A whispy lightness, a nod to whimsy
you could say. I like to think that the flying potion is an object representing attainable happiness, something you can partake of, or choose to ignore.


I am very happy that these works have found loving new homes, and hope that they bring as much joy to the auction's winners as they did to me during their creation.



Happy astral projections people! Look out for ominous eels : )