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Wasted Effort
- jewelry !!


I am psyched to host Marie Foxall out of my studio and already own two of her beautiful necklaces ! ( Marie - I need more! )

Here's her recent Sept 2015 interview with the Capilano Courier:



“I truly hope that when someone wears a piece of my jewelry, they understand and appreciate the time and care that has gone into each design and each individual piece. I want people to value the difference between mass-produced jewelry and something made with care by human hands. I love connecting with my customers and hope that they each impart their jewelry with meaning and their own personal story.” - Marie Foxall aka Wasted Effort interview by Capilano Courier


The Perseus Necklace is a personal favourite (and the ring that matches it is on my finger every single day).” - Marie Foxall aka Wasted Effort interview by Capilano Courier.


I have a couple of pieces from Wasted Effort and was actually blown-away when Marie agreed to come sell her work in my studio for our open studio coming up:


SATURDAY Nov 21 - 1-5pm

Gene Studios 2414 Main St.