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Very soon we are having our last (and best!) art sale + open studio of 2015 - and it is going to be Fab-YOU-luss! Why ? Because we opened our hearts + our studios to invite a few other artists to show/sell out of our studios. So it's our stuff PLUS even more awesomeness.


In fact I am so excited about the sale that I made a wishlist, here it is:



WISHLIST ITEM  #1. I would like to decorate my home with these ceramic slabs from another, and far more pretty, dimension by Genevieve Dionne:


“Slabs” - flat ceramic pieces:  $50 - $100      Mugs, Pots Etc: $20 - $80

WISHLIST ITEM  #2. I would like to add to my collection of WASTED EFFORT jewelry by getting these pieces: 


Jewelry from WASTED EFFORT ranges from $55 - $195. She will also bring us some pyramid-shaped candles and maybe a few of her cool pins : ) 


WISHLIST ITEM  #3. I would like to put together an outfit inspired by and including this minimal and earthy necklace by Plain Jane Designs

 WISHLIST ITEM #4. Moth Mobile. What more do I need to say ? Tara Galuska crafts paper into delicate likenesses of moths, cactuses and cats. This answers my need to surround myself with the whimsy of the forest. I need to hang this in my house immediately!: 

This event takes place during the East Side Culture Crawl and we hope you'll include it in your plans to see and buy art+gifts, meet the makers and support the local art scene. 


Our event is a one day only event: Saturday November 21st 

Time: 1 - 5 pm 

Place: Gene Studios @ 2414 Main Street - the door is right beside Rath's Art Supplies.




Mira Song 

Jennifer Chernecki



* PLUS! It's a little known fact that our studio has a thriving community of illustrators and comic book artists - while our event is happening they are opening their doors as well so you'll have a chance to meet and explore their works as well all in one little building.


Artists include:
Robin Bougie
James Lloyd
Jennifer Ku
Priscilla Yu
Zed Alexandra