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Wow - so grateful for the feature on the website for Anthology Magazine. Here's a little excerpt from the short article:


I’m especially in love with some of her latest works, including a series of pastel-hued faceted crystals. They remind me of a magical world of sea-glass shards and sunsets. 


-Read the rest on Anthology's amazingly stylish blog here: )


I'm so happy when people discover my art and take the time to share it with others. Anthology Magazine started in 2010 in San Francisco.  I love San Francisco - I had the chance to visit in 2014 for my show with Scott Listfield at Gauntlet Gallery.  


Anothology Magazine can be found in print and here's a list of their stockists:  and if you are in Vancouver you can look for it at Much & Little or Anthropologie.



Crystal Form #2

by Rebecca Chaperon
Acrylic on Paper 15" x 22" 2015