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      Like a Great Black Fire contains a series of projects that explore narrative.  The paintings themselves form a 10 pc polyptych spanning 26 ft while the twitter project offered public opportunity to interact directly with the work. 


Black Fire Order is the latest project manifestation of the Like A Great Black Fire series as it unites the work in one long and seamless narrative to be viewed on the internet.



More about Great Black Order:


Black Fire Order is a digital project that revisits the series of paintings, Like A Great Black Fire, a 10 painting polyptych that spanned 26 ft in total length. Black Fire Order presents these works in a web site that allows the user to interact with the work. The touch screen optimization will allow for an intimate and tactile experience of the narrative.

In Black Fire Order the separate pieces from Like A Great Black Fire have been digitally fused together to form one long landscape/timeline that the user can travel through either backwards (to the past ) or forward ( to the future).

The name Black Fire Order reflects the linear order of the timeline created by the sequential events depicted. This manifestation offers a new lens to view the work beyond traditional exhibition.

This project was designed by Rebecca Chaperon with the technical web facilitation by Ben Macdonell.