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   Not right this instant, but very soon, I get to begin my new series Antarticus. With the generous support of Canada Council I will be painting some very strange landscapes indeed.

   It's sometimes hard to wait so long for a project this exciting but I had a date with my publisher for AWOL (my ABC book project ) and I had been planning that one for a long time too!

  All the 26 illustrations for AWOL are now complete ( as of the end of October actually ) but it has been a year of planning and executing. A long string of days and evenings in the studio as spring turned to summer and fall.




   Now it's suddenly winter and I'm using the space heater in the studio this week for the first time this season as I spend time writing grant proposals for a project set to be worked on in 2014 (!!) Working title "Drowned Pleasant" a dytopian dream parallel place. It'll be partially inspired by the famous dystopia   created by Aldous Huxley in his amazing novel "Brave New World".