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B s for Broken Hearted


I am super excited to announce that all of my Eerie Dearies paintings will be exhibited all together for the first and only time Friday Dec 6th at Grunt Gallery.


That is less than one week away - crazy! I am hoping that my Eerie Dearies books will finally be released from customs in time for the event. Fingers are crossed! They have now been stuck in customs for over a month which seems positively ridiculous but there you have it.


7 of these 27  8" x10"  paintings are still available for purchase @ $1200 each. 

This blog post contains each of the available pieces. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing before the exhibition at . 

bg_25611385931704.jpgC is for Contagious


bg_25671385932144.jpgO is for Observation


bg_25681385932165.jpgP is for Pale


bg_25691385932182.jpgQ is for Quarantine


bg_25701385932393.jpgS is for Separation Anxiety




bg_25741385932554.jpgX is for Xray


bg_25751385932576.jpgZ is for Zombie Apocalypse