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Here is a quick photo of my latest finished work, Quarantine. I have about 6 more paintings to go  in the series.


For Quarantine I decided that I'd go for the ragged garb associated with being stranded on a desert island. 

I did some google image searches to get extra inspiration for the piece and ended up discovering alot of strange preserved sites for historic quarantines. I didn't end up references any of the images directly but I definately absorbed and chanelled some of the stark spookiness from them.


Diamond Point, Olympic Peninsula, WA Photo by Mean Mister Mustard

In my internet travels I also discovered this cool art piece by Thomas + Guinevere which is about the use of the quarantine site on Roosevelt Island  : "Self-produced in partnership with openhousenewyork. This version expressed and engaged the public in the history of quarantine on Roosevelt Island from the  beginning of the19th century to the end of the first half of the 20th century. This history included prisons, poor houses, hospitals, asylums, etc., as well as temporal quarantine facilities to deal with influenza, small pox and tuberculosis."


This piece is amazing and definately inspired the tent appearance in my painting.