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From Left: Angela Fama and (me) Rebecca Chaperon                    Photo by Byron Dauncey


Here is a lovely photo that my friend Byron took of Angela Fama and I. We are having a two-person exhibit called "Cipher Messaging" at Initial Gallery this October. The work will consist of photography from Angela's art series titled It's A Sign and from my series titled Antarticus.

Opening night: Thursday Oct 17th 6-9pm 

Initial Gallery  - 2339 Granville Street, Vancouver

Exhibition continues until November 21st.
Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12-6

I have had the pleasure of knowing Angela for a quite a while now and I really look forward to showing our artwork together. Not only is she loveliness incarnate but she makes truly beautiful and thoughtful artwork.

 Here's what you need to know about Angela's It's A Sign series that you will be seeing at our exhibition.


Early explorers sailed across oceans, discovering new lands and leaving flags as proud declarations of procured ground.  For the past half a century to present day, in lieu of flags, we leave behind advertising billboards.  Heavy urban footprints set beside the paved roads we’ve etched into the surrounding landscapes 

Through ‘It’s a Sign’ Fama presents large photographic portraits of outdoor billboards devoid of their original advertising message, left blank over time.  Fama has chosen to document these artifacts, hopefully serving as an impetus toward questioning the placement of the billboards in the first place, and through this placement the control advertising has on our thoughts daily. 

Photo by Angela Fama - from the series ‘It’s A Sign”, untitled proof


Angela Fama official website:

Angela Fama blog:





 And here's a quick look at the series Antarticus that I am working on for the show....


Presence by Rebecca Chaperon 2013 Acrylic Paint on Canvas 9" x 12"


Icebergs in Love by Rebecca Chaperon 2013 Acrylic Paint on Canvas 3ft x 4ft