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Recently I was featured by The Paris Review. My paintings were paired with a gorgeous piece of poetry called Blessed are the Clouds by Jonathan Griffin


Nights—the long interims—when for a time
one’s mind is stifled in the stardust-storm…


         Yet day does come—again all’s well—
         suddenly a half-hidden tower
                 is warming the whole square
with the Doge-crimson velvet of its bells


         I can feel each cloud as a thing
and seem to touch its turrets and to think
                 the great curve of its birth
                 and find then I am thanking
                 watershepherdess Earth


Some nights, too, there are clouds silvered by Death
         sailing laden with star-oblivion


                 or hurled clouds have lost form
and brought mercy muffling all the stars from us


Jonathan Griffin, “Blessed are the Clouds”