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Recently the super talented poet Hannah Stephenson created a poem inspired by my artwork below.


Fresh Air

Calm down, it’s not a net 
around you, it’s a tent.

The flap is right here,
step outside if you need 

fresh air, for this place 
to spritz you with air

straight from a pine tree’s
mouth. Thunder’s ok,

rain is ok, that’s what 
the tent is for, remember.

Don’t confuse shelter with
trap, the mountains are

all around, and the grass
is still soft on either side

of the path that you sidled
down when you came to us

this morning. Last year, 
I mean. Whenever, it’s

summer here and winter
elsewhere, simultaneously,

anyway. Looking back, who 
knows what you’ll think.


Poem by Hannah Stephenson aka The Storialist


The Storialist is Hannah Stephenson, a poet, writer,editor, and instructor.
Hannah is a poet, editor, and instructor living in Columbus, Ohio. She is a poetry blogger for The Huffington Post, and her poems have appeared in publications that include Hobart,RoomContraryMAYDAYqarrtsiluni, and The Nervous Breakdown. Her full-length collection, In the Kettle, the Shriek, is available from Gold Wake Press, and she'd love to share it with you.