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Lady of the Pink Lake 2014  18 x 24in acrylic paint on canvas 


When I created the piece seen above, "Lady of the Pink Lake" I knew that I wanted to create a painting that paired with another cave painting called "Hyperbole" that I made in 2011. The figure in that piece was extending her arms into a dark cave at night as though exploring the dark, dank cave air with her finger tips.

"Lady of the Pink Lake" illustrates the theory that the cave she reached into was actually a portal into another dimension. But there is also an existential exploration going on with both of these images that goes beyond the literal narrative. These works are about transformation and possible futures, parallel worlds and parallel selves.


News about image Lady of the Pink Lake :


Currently this image is slated to be published on the cover of a new book of poetry by the incomparable Amber Dawn. I think the image suits her book title perfectly "Where The Words End And My Body Begins". I am a huge fan of her work and was honoured that she approached me on this project.


This work is also slated to grace the cover of Quaint Magazine a women's quarterly literary magazine who are "strongly committed to publishing work from traditionally marginalized writers, and in exploring identity performance, particularly as it pertains to subverting the cultural cliche of femininity." Again, very happy to be asked to work with them on the cover of their recent issue.


Lady of the Pink Lake is one of my most popular images on social mediathat I created last year and has been circulated on tumblr over 12 thousand times which made it my first choice as the image for this limited edition print. 
FYI original painting "Lady of the Pink Lake" is no longer available for sale as it's been purchased but commissioned work can be discussed.