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  Sometimes you just have to set a goal and make it happen - as with my 100 Studio Visit self-challenge.

I am a bit of a work-a-holic and sometimes I neglect to make time for studio visits and yet they are a super important part of what I do as an artist. Here are some photos of studio visitors signing my 100 Studio Visit board at the studio.



  Exhibiting my work at galleries has always had the element of anonymity and rarely have I had the opportunity to get into the nitty - gritty with my clients about what I do and why I do it. Studio visits are the remedy for this and they help me to feel connected to people through my artwork. So far I have had quite a few visitors but need to reach my goal before next February ( it's about a 1 year goal). 

  So if you want to come by and get an advance opportunity to buy or view my Antarticus Series and my School Girl Series, just give me a quick email at .