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 12" x 16" $100.oo



Creating these digital works was a truly inspiring treat!


It gave me the opportunity to take images from my painting series Like a Great Black Fire and totally transform them by cutting out the landscape that existed in the background. The reason I was so enticed by attempting this process is that the original paintings are so very dark, quiet and nocturnal feeling. I wanted to see how the energy of the pieces would shift once the background was eliminated leaving a brilliant whiteness behind. The result is really stunning. I now see the images harkening to an unusual future of beautiful clones who travel in packs through a limitless world.


The above piece, Complex, shows three Rebecca Chaperon - esque females wading through a blank universe. You can see a few ripples at the edge of their skirts. When I look at this image I can't help but feel that all of the sound and activity that buzzes around them has been filtered out. Their focus has been permanently turned inward by some sort of ritualistic meditation. 


One of my patrons who purchased one of these large prints commented that she felt that the work was fresh and felt it would give her home a brightness through Vancouver BC's characteristic gloomy spells. She said she'd rather wait until spring/summer to hang some of her darker pieces of art.  I always advise people to rotate their private collections so that not all of the art is hanging on the wall at the same time. Space is always at a premium isn't it ? So I have brought my Fireworks series of digital prints back but this time I followed some of your feedback and made the prints quite a bit smaller - 12" x16" for $100.oo.

I hope this is a good solution for you.

Large prints are also still available.



12" x 16" $100.oo



In Fire, we see two female characters enveloped by a woven rainbow entity. I worked like a Photoshop surgeon, carefully removing the dark background landscape of gloomy hills and foreboding trees. The whitewashed world made the lightly holding of hands stand out to me, much more than before. The hands are just about to clasp tighter before the figures leap up together - propelling through space and shaking off the crackling rainbow flames. When I look at this work I can hear "Are you ready? On 3? 1-2-3- JUMP!" as they are just about to escape the hands of fate.



 12" x 16" $100.oo



Population is the digital work that I created which was most different from the original piece. In this case I really explored cloning as I repeated the same few images over and over to create a grid-like populous. I love the use of repetition as it really creates a rhythm in the imagery. The title, Populous, refers to the figures as a group of space dwellers on a newly terra formed planet. These women seems to speak to each other about extraterrestrial gossip in hushed tones. I am sure it's hard to make out distinct words as they softly chatter on, all at the same time.


My advice, if you are interested in buying one of the prints above, I would like to highly recommend a white mat and a white frame for a super clean look!


And thanks for your feedback on releasing these beautiful prints in a smaller size : )


Rebecca Chaperon