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My book is in Texas : ) Super awesome stuff ! And they wrote an awesome review of my book. Here is an excerpt:


"After reading "Eerie Dearies," teachers will never again view "Please excuse..." notes in the same way...and students are sure to get extra credit for creativity in excuse-giving--even if it doesn't actually get you off the hook!"

     - Shirley Wells (Watermark Books and Cafe) 

Read full review here.



I love being sent these pics of my book as it makes it's way into bookstores all over the place. This one was sent to me by my friend Morgan from New York's McNally Jackson Books.


"Our featured children's book, Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School by Rebecca Chaperon, reminds us of the mysterious boxes created by artist Joseph Cornell. Cornell searched secondhand stores, record shops, used bookstores, etc. to collect materials eventually used/repurposed in his haunting shadowbox collages, iconic assemblages, and cabinets of curiosity. Author Rebecca Chaperon appropriates worn book covers, fairy tale themes, vintage clothing styles, and collage techniques to create layered illustrations/paintings that elevate cautionary tales to evocative high art." - Yvonne (McNally Jackson Books NY)

Awwwwww! This is the cutest! This was sent to me from my friend Jordan who was visiting Powell's books in Portland : ) I hope to be in Portland for a TBA book signing soon : )




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Woohoo! The Jealous Curator has put out a book and I got my hands on it. If you don't know about The Jealous Curator you have to check it out here. It is a blog which features awesome artwork by artists from all over the globe. 


My art was included in a fictitious collection designed for The Life Aquatic’s character Steve Zissou. Read full article here by The Jealous Curator on the blog San Fransisco Girl By The Bay

“yes. very, very, very small art. miniature iceberg paintings by canadian artist rebecca chaperon would be perfect in that very yellow submarine. not only are they tiny (3″x4″ish), but what kind of sub captain doesn’t have to keep an eye out for icebergs – in the tropics? yep, just weird enough to work in this situation!” - The Jealous Curator





I've got more than 80 items available for purchase online and they are all for sale @ 25% off until Midnight on Feb 14th/ AKA Valentine's Day : )


This includes copies of my Eerie Dearies Special Edition Book that comes with an original drawing, prints ga-lore and some small original paintings (up to 8" x 10" ).


IMPORTANT - everything is 25% off but you have to enter the code BEMINE at the checkout in order to get the discount.


Want to get shopping?





I recently received an email to let me know that my book Eerie Dearies had been ready to a group of children as McNally Jackson Books in Manhattan New York. It was really cool and quite touching to imagine this event and I'm just sorry I wasn't there in person : ) Though I have been invited to participate in an event for Eerie Dearies at the who knows! Perhaps I'll be making my way to the east coast before the year is out. There are many days left in 2014 and I'm feeling optimistic.