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I am happy to announce my brand new collaborative project Trips created with writer Adrienne Matei. Adrienne wrote a story inspired by one of my paintings and I created a painting based on one of her stories. It was an amazing experience that really brought about a new series of paintings that I have been exploring further in the studio. I love her writing - you can check out both of my images and Adrienne's stories here in Highway Magazine.

Highway Magazine is a publication that seeks to catalyse cross-disciplinary engagement between individuals working earnestly and experimentally

We are releasing a limited edition print of my most popular image from last year:


"Lady of the Pink Lake"


Size 18" x 24" limited edition of 25 prints - $160
Size 12" x 16" ltd. ed. of 50 - $80
Size 8.5" x 11" ltd. ed of 100 - $50


Email me to reserve a print or buy print online here:



About the piece:


When I created this piece I knew that I wanted to create a painting that paired with another cave painting called "Hyperbole" that I made in 2011. The figure in that piece was extending her arms into a dark cave at night as though exploring the dark, dank cave air with her finger tips. You can see it here:


"Lady of the Pink Lake" illustrates the theory that the cave she reached into was actually a portal into another dimension. But there is also an existential exploration going on with both of these images that goes beyond the literal narrative. These works are about transformation and possible futures, parallel worlds and parallel selves.

I am blown away by this insightful review of my book Eerie Dearies by Dr. Elizabeth Marshall who researches and teaches children's literature and young adult literature in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.


 "The book is a welcome relief to over sentimentalized images of girls as princess or sweet innocents that so often appear in popular culture." ...READ FULL REVIEW Dr. Elizabeth Marshall




Pick-up a copy of Eerie Dearies here:


"Within the constructs of this exhibition her painting has jumped off of the canvas and into the third dimension. Obelisks, portals, and undulating rainbows extend out into the space, further deepening the immersive experience of entering into this mercurial world.  The scale of these objects in relationship to the body connects in a profound affective manner."( ....Read full review)

- Sunshine Frere for Vancouver is Awesome


Here is a wonderful review of my art exhibition called Eccentric Gardens by Sunshine Frere published on Vancouver is Awesome


See more press for my exhibit Eccentric Gardens HERE.

Please join us for the opening reception for ...


Eccentric Gardens New Art Work From Rebecca Chaperon

When and where: 

6 to 9 pm Tuesday Oct 28th at Initial Gallery (2339 Granville St Vancouver BC) 


Regular gallery hours:

Tues - Sat / 11-6pm


"In Chaperon's paintings, the natural world becomes supernatural, hyperalive. There are glowing trees, dark caves, disembodied arms reaching out to feel the cold air, luminous pyramids from which rainbows spill. It's a bizarre place that Chaperon paints, but it's also benevolent. Her work simultaneously reminds me of spring gardens and the northern lights -- there are pinks, yellows, and greens alongside swaths of black. Snow and pastel flowers peacefully co-exist." - Hannah Stephenson (Huffington Post)


Artist Statement 

Facebook event


Press for Eccentric Gardens:

Huffington Post 


Canadian Art 


Front window display for Eccentric Gardens at Initial Gallery ( Vancouver BC )

Canadian Art rates Eccentric Gardens as a must see for the week of Oct 23.

Installation day 1: painting an 11ft x 11 ft wall 

September 14 2014 - releasing 66 limited edition prints of "A Place Beyond Our World"  pictured above. This print can be purchased  via Sebastian Foster Gallery: 




And you can read a review of this artwork by The Jealous Curator here: