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Aurora Crystal pictured above. 

Cyber Rainbow Crystal pictured above and below.

In the studio trying to take a photo of myself so I can really embrace the whole "wearing glasses" thing. My eyes have been so dry lately that my contacts are super uncomfortable to wear but I am super clumsy in my glasses, bumping into stuff because my peripheral vision has been reduced to a foggy blur. 

Behind me is the painting rack that my friend built for me last year, it's a life saver - just like my glasses : )


Here's a list of upcoming exhibitions that I am participating in - hope that you can make it out to them.


U p c o m i n g  E x h i b i t i o n s  :


Art Gestalt 2015
Group Show

Pop-up Show at the China Cloud Venue

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 4th @ 7pm
Chinacloud 524 Main St, Vancouver (between Keefer and Pender)
Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

1. Purchase $10 ticket in advance or pay $12 at the door. This gives you entry to the exhibit and acts as your first lottery ticket.
2. Win Art !!!! Increase your chances of winning by purchasing more tickets both at event and online here:
3. 3 winners take home art on the night of the event.
4. The rest of the exhibition is available for purchase.


* * *


Summer Mix Group Show

Kimoto Gallery

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, July 24th, from 6-9pm
SHOW DURATION: July 24th to August 15th, 2015
(Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm )
1525 West 6th Ave
(6th & Granville St)
Vancouver BC Canada
TEL 604 428 0903
EMAIL hello[at]


* * *



Open Studio & Art Walk

The next open studio/ROVE event is scheduled for September/2015.
These events are super fun! I usually have books and smaller pieces available for purchase. Stay tuned for more details by getting email updates here.


Wow - so grateful for the feature on the website for Anthology Magazine. Here's a little excerpt from the short article:


I’m especially in love with some of her latest works, including a series of pastel-hued faceted crystals. They remind me of a magical world of sea-glass shards and sunsets. 


-Read the rest on Anthology's amazingly stylish blog here: )


I'm so happy when people discover my art and take the time to share it with others. Anthology Magazine started in 2010 in San Francisco.  I love San Francisco - I had the chance to visit in 2014 for my show with Scott Listfield at Gauntlet Gallery.  


Anothology Magazine can be found in print and here's a list of their stockists:  and if you are in Vancouver you can look for it at Much & Little or Anthropologie.



Crystal Form #2

by Rebecca Chaperon
Acrylic on Paper 15" x 22" 2015

I was recently interviewed by style + design expert Jennifer Scott from A Good Chick to Know.



Read the full article in The Westender here.


I am hosting an open studio with my paintings on display on the evening of Friday May 22.


It's part of ROVE, an artwalk that was started by my friend Jamie Smith, you get a map and make your way along Main Street visiting galleries and the studios of participating artists. You can print a map from the ROVE website.



Open Studio & Art Walk  



May 22 2015

6 - 10 pm


2414 Main Street, Vancouver BC


ROVE is an arts event in Mount Pleasant founded by Jamie Smith that designates a path for people to explore what the local art scene has to offer. ROVE includes several co-ordinated openings all in a single evening within galleries, studios and creative spaces; giving attendees a chance to explore a diverse range of work and meet the artists themselves in person. Maps are located at any of the associated locations which allow you to walk, cycle, or drive between locations. 




STEP 1:     Come to Mount Pleasant on Friday, May 22 from 6pm to 10pm.


STEP 2:     Pick up a map from one of the 7 locations listed below.


STEP 3:     Follow the route to check out galleries, studios and creative spaces.


STEP 4:     Drink local beverages along the way (show your ROVE map for the drink  special).


STEP 5:     Enjoy the incredible artwork and people that the Vancouver art scene has to share.


STEP 6:     Party at the “ROVE After Party ” at 10pm at the Projection Room (2321 Main Street, above the FOX).


I am happy to announce my brand new collaborative project Trips created with writer Adrienne Matei. Adrienne wrote a story inspired by one of my paintings and I created a painting based on one of her stories. It was an amazing experience that really brought about a new series of paintings that I have been exploring further in the studio. I love her writing - you can check out both of my images and Adrienne's stories here in Highway Magazine.

Highway Magazine is a publication that seeks to catalyse cross-disciplinary engagement between individuals working earnestly and experimentally

We are releasing a limited edition print of my most popular image from last year:


"Lady of the Pink Lake"


Size 18" x 24" limited edition of 25 prints - $160
Size 12" x 16" ltd. ed. of 50 - $80
Size 8.5" x 11" ltd. ed of 100 - $50


Email me to reserve a print or buy print online here:



About the piece:


When I created this piece I knew that I wanted to create a painting that paired with another cave painting called "Hyperbole" that I made in 2011. The figure in that piece was extending her arms into a dark cave at night as though exploring the dark, dank cave air with her finger tips. You can see it here:


"Lady of the Pink Lake" illustrates the theory that the cave she reached into was actually a portal into another dimension. But there is also an existential exploration going on with both of these images that goes beyond the literal narrative. These works are about transformation and possible futures, parallel worlds and parallel selves.