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I am part of a group exhibit at Winsor Gallery here in Vancouver: 


Perplexities: Space, Form and ImageMarch 1st- March 28th, 2017


This Spring Winsor Gallery will be exhibiting a Group Show of Selected artists curated by Nikki Peck. The Exhibition entitled, Perplexities: Space, Form and Image" and will feature works by Rebecca Chaperon, Jen Mann, Sophia Borowska, Justin Somjen, Ed Spence and Fucci. 


Winsor Gallery

258 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V5T 1A6

t: 604 681 4870

Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 10am - 5pm
or by appointment.

SO ....I've been getting some funny messages from friends and fans who are recognizing my art in the new 50 Shades Darker movie!


Here are a couple of photos of my art at this ominous and sexy film set for Christian Grey's apartment.


......and if you are really into the movie you can do an interactive digital game set in Christian Grey's apartment here:


A special thanks to Vancouver Art Rental & Sales for bringing my art to this project : )



....and its finito !

My artist talk for Art Rental & Sales is complete : ) 

So back to being a studio hermit .... But not before thanking all the lovely people who came, asked questions and offered me their smiling faces while I blabbed on. 


This display of my work is up until Sept 23.


Featured Artist: Rebecca Chaperon | Peripheral Visions
July 4 - September 23, 2016





Art Rental & Sales Showroom
1st Floor Annex, Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby Street, Vancouver

*when you go through the main entrance take an immediate right down a hall - if the doors are closed reception will buzz you in : )




Monday - Friday (10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Tuesday evenings by appointment




604  662 4746


Here I am blabbing about my work:


I'm super happy to announce that I am one of the artists in this year's "Facade Festival" ! This is Facade's 2nd year running, they select a few artists each year and then project their creations onto the front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. 


For this project we've animated some of the elements from my paintings which really brings them to life in an interesting and new way...taking the strange quality of my images to another level of surrealism!


My art will be projected very large on the Vancouver Art Gallery on the evening of September 1st from 8pm to midnight.

It takes less than 15 minutes to view the entire loop so it's a great idea to stop by before or after your night out. You know - a Thursday night date night! Platonic or non! Or come as a strong independent type person.  : )

Each artist has their own night and there are a couple of nights where all of the artists work will be shown.


More info here:


Other artists included in this 7 night festival are:
Barry Doupé
Eric Metcalf
Renee Van Halm
Chris Shier


This event is produced by Burrard Arts Foundation  with technical assistance from the lovely people at Go2Productions.


"Initiation" by Rebecca Chaperon, 9"x12",  acrylic on paper 2016

Haircuts are a sort of highly symbolic moment in my mind. 
I always feel inexplicably badass when I cut my hair... Something from my childhood maybe, a miniature rebellion, a new identity.

I love in movies when the actress has to make a getaway and so she cuts her hair and dyes it another colour (usually in the bathroom of a shabby motel or gas station) before peeling out on the open road at sunset. 

In this painting the older girl solemnly cuts the girl's braid off in order to initiate her into a secret group of mysterious women who live in the woods.

Check to see if this piece is available in my shop:

This is a part of my Goth Fauve series. 9"x12" acrylic on paper $300.


Here is a recent piece called Phantom which is part of a showing of my work called "Peripheral Visions" at Vancouver Art Rental & Sales. July 4 - Sept 23. Advanced catalogue is available by request - email me: 


   Phantom is a small-ish piece made with acrylic on paper. I like the softness and loose-ness of the paint application. 
   Recently I have been working on some monochromatic pieces where I use mostly one colour. This one is made with only one colour - ultramarine blue.



Acrylic on paper 2016


White Mat and Frame 

Framed size 15" x 12" (unframed size 8.5” x 11")


P u r c h a s e i n q u i r i e s : Art Rental & Sales 604 -662- 4746


L o c a t i o n : Vancouver Art Gallery Art Rental & Sales Showroom, Main floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery 750 Hornby Street


H o u r s : Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm Tuesday evenings by appointment