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M o u n t a i n   S i g n a l 


A mountain-scape provides a ascending and descending horizon that fades into the distance while a blocked-out green line provides a level marker. Thinking of the perception of this type of scenery I decided that the line would be a type of code for what was being seen - a median that has compressed the changing elevation into its overall visual impression ie. the horizon line.


In my practice I am ever-curious about the way that we perceive the world around us and in the case of this series ("Imprint") I am showing my constant consciousness in regards to the perception of the world built in our minds versus the coded information that we are receiving. I'm inspired by modern theorists like cognitive scientist Donald D. Hoffman who argue that the world presented to us by our perceptions is actually nothing like reality.




M o u n t a i n   S e q u e n c e


In this work I am using pattern to represent the code we receive to build the scenery of this "mountain-scape" in our minds.


This work is part of the series called "Imprint". I am exploring the idea of how we perceive the world around us and the impression it has upon our being - physically and mentally.


The sequence of dots punctuates the calming vista of the mountains as a reminder that we are receiving coded stimuli and then interpreting that data in the form of an image.




P o r t a l   S i g n 


In my past work I have created images with a similar shape floating in a landscape such as this.


The previous work has been more colour saturated and the floating shape has been painted with a flat black paint. I then referred to this shape as a "portal" and let it represent a passageway into the terrain, an echo of the viewer's immersion into the landscape by the process of viewing.


Here the shape is painted white and it's blank quality is a "stand-in" for the black portal. Instead of a portal it signifies that a portal is here. Once again this explores the idea of visual information being presented in a code ( like a sign ) that we subsequently interpret. This work is part of my series of paintings called "Imprint" which deals with the process of visual perception.




A  P o r t a l  O n c e


By Rebecca Chaperon

22” x  28”  Acrylic on canvas  2014




This work is from my 2014 series – Eccentric Gardens. In this series I used imagery of gardens to signify part of our internal psychic landscape.


Included in this series was a group of text paintings that used phrases that alluded to how we related to one another in an existential sense.


To me “You were a portal once” means that at one time you were a way in which someone could experience a different place or a different understanding than what they were accustomed to. An conduit to shifting the perspective of another person.


This piece was inspired by the poem by Hannah Stephenson - you can ready more of her work here:




    Rebecca’s got some magic in her. As an artist, she translates notions of “place” into enchanted, surrealist paintings. Her work is dotted with mystical crystals, wobbling rainbows, and colour schemes of a different world. As the queen of curating mood, she definitely knows how to create a cozy environment for herself with simple pleasures—like a good podcast or a living room full of art from close friends. Rebecca took a moment to let us in on her dynamic creative process, her vitruvi faves, and her affinity for pink lakes (real and imaginary).



Read More ...

Recently I was super lucky to be interviewed by the lovely Sara Harowitz for Montecristo Magazine. I met up with Sara  at Nemesis Coffee downtown: she with her tape recorder and me with a powerfully delicious almond milk latte !


 The resulting article was a really nice piece that I feel captures what is at the core of my creativity these days as well as my journey and all the magic-anxious feelings along the way:




“I’m interested in fantasy and things like that that can kind of remove you from reality,” she says over coffee at Nemesis (she was impressed with their house-made almond milk). “Especially the paintings with the big portal in the centre, what I want to do is pull people out of their reality. When you’re looking at it, you’re entering the portal and travelling somewhere else.”  READ MORE 



I am part of a group exhibit at Winsor Gallery here in Vancouver: 


Perplexities: Space, Form and ImageMarch 1st- March 28th, 2017


This Spring Winsor Gallery will be exhibiting a Group Show of Selected artists curated by Nikki Peck. The Exhibition entitled, Perplexities: Space, Form and Image" and will feature works by Rebecca Chaperon, Jen Mann, Sophia Borowska, Justin Somjen, Ed Spence and Fucci. 


Winsor Gallery

258 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V5T 1A6

t: 604 681 4870

Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 10am - 5pm
or by appointment.

SO ....I've been getting some funny messages from friends and fans who are recognizing my art in the new 50 Shades Darker movie!


Here are a couple of photos of my art at this ominous and sexy film set for Christian Grey's apartment.


......and if you are really into the movie you can do an interactive digital game set in Christian Grey's apartment here:


A special thanks to Vancouver Art Rental & Sales for bringing my art to this project : )



....and its finito !

My artist talk for Art Rental & Sales is complete : ) 

So back to being a studio hermit .... But not before thanking all the lovely people who came, asked questions and offered me their smiling faces while I blabbed on. 


This display of my work is up until Sept 23.


Featured Artist: Rebecca Chaperon | Peripheral Visions
July 4 - September 23, 2016





Art Rental & Sales Showroom
1st Floor Annex, Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby Street, Vancouver

*when you go through the main entrance take an immediate right down a hall - if the doors are closed reception will buzz you in : )




Monday - Friday (10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Tuesday evenings by appointment




604  662 4746


Here I am blabbing about my work: