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   When I find something I really like I am always tempted to buy more than one. Here is a client of mine who feels the same way. She bought five prints from my Eerie Dearies series and framed them with white mats and white frames.

   They look great - The white mat and frame combo is always a great option when you want to highlight the image you are framing. Here are two beside a large flatscreen ( Breaking Bad on view : ) .




Just a couple of photos of one of my miniature iceberg paintings framed and in it's new home in Texas. In this example the work is "floated" so you can see the edges of the paper. I think it looks really sweet beside the unicorn in the bell jar, they go together so nicely!



Here are a few of my larger works that will be on display at Initial Gallery October 17th 2013. 

I am getting them documented this week and can't wait to see how the photos turn out. For now here are the  "in-studio" photos.

The piece below titled Nomads is 70" high - that's taller than me !

I loved working large and at the same time it was a real challenge : )

But I am really happy with how it all turned out in the end : )

The work will consist of photography from Angela's art series titled It's A Sign and from my series titled Antarticus.


Opening night: Thursday Oct 17th 6-9pm 
Initial Gallery 
2339 Granville Street, Vancouver
Exhibition continues until November 21st.
Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12-6

More details here

Facebook event here

Here I am finishing a very large painting.

When you go to a custom framer they have corner samples to help you visualize your options. You can go simple or ornate depending on the style that will work best with the room you are hanging the artwork in. Below is one of my prints being framed at Framagraphic by the talented framer Caitlin.

Framagraphic is a great local custom framer on Broadway (Vancouver) . Here's their site:


Recently I have been creating and selling these minature iceberg paintings on paper. Here are two of them that have been framed together.

Check out the windows in the mat - the mat was extra thick so they have a bit more depth to them which emphasizes the miniature-ness of these tiny works of art. 

I also love the width of the mat around the images - they seem to be floating in the centre which is perfect for these pieces. 

If you have purchased original art/or an art print  - a custom framer can give great advice on how to best present the image. The work here was created for my client by the custom framer Framagraphic on Broadway (not far from Oak street in Vancouver). Tell them I sent you !!





bg_19871378457128.jpg6 new pieces are going on sale next week through the website I am thrilled to become a part of the BSDA community. The pieces are going on sale in the afternoon - approx noon Eastern Standard Time.